Author: Brittney Sweet

What I learned when I went back to work

I remember my last boss telling me right before I had my son, Dallas, that I would need to be a working mom, that I would be bored without adult conversation and all the brain stimulation that a newborn just can’t give me. At the time, man, was he wrong. I couldn’t wait to quit […]

Celebrating the beauty of motherhood

On Sunday I made my first Mother’s Day craft, for myself. Like a kid on the first day of school I got out all the goodies. Crayons, foam paper, non-toxic paint and sponge brushes, string and Elmer’s glue. (If playing with all of that stuff doesn’t make you feel like a child, I don’t know […]

After a tough day, a tender moment

My husband always puts Dallas to bed. I’m pretty soft and when Heavy D’s face cracks and he lets out a big cry, I give in and pick him back up just as quickly as he shows signs of discomfort. He has my number! I have tried to rock Dallas to sleep many times in […]

Vulnerability, connection and love

If you’re looking for inspiration, a way to connect with your kids and teach them all the good things, “The Power of Vulnerability” By Brene Brown is a must-read. If you aren’t the reading kind, check out her Ted Talk on this topic. If you’re more of a bullet, get to the point kind of […]

Honeymooning with our toddler

When Dallas’s dad and I decided to have our wedding ceremony in Mexico, we knew it wouldn’t be like previous trips spent sitting by the pool sipping Cuba Libres at 10 a.m., taking naps to sleep off the morning mimosa buzz and enjoying copious amounts of uninterrupted peace and quiet. What we also knew was […]

You’re a good mom.

It’s 2018 and Google, Siri and Alexa are at our fingertips. We know a little better not to rub whiskey on babies’ gums. We have our car seats installed. And when was the last time you saw a kid riding around in the back of a pickup truck? Which got me thinking about how quickly […]