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Vulnerability, connection and love

If you’re looking for inspiration, a way to connect with your kids and teach them all the good things, “The Power of Vulnerability” By Brene Brown is a must-read. If you aren’t the reading kind, check out her Ted Talk on this topic. If you’re more of a bullet, get to the point kind of […]

Honeymooning with our toddler

When Dallas’s dad and I decided to have our wedding ceremony in Mexico, we knew it wouldn’t be like previous trips spent sitting by the pool sipping Cuba Libres at 10 a.m., taking naps to sleep off the morning mimosa buzz and enjoying copious amounts of uninterrupted peace and quiet. What we also knew was […]

You’re a good mom.

It’s 2018 and Google, Siri and Alexa are at our fingertips. We know a little better not to rub whiskey on babies’ gums. We have our car seats installed. And when was the last time you saw a kid riding around in the back of a pickup truck? Which got me thinking about how quickly […]

Letters To My Son

Little mementos and small gestures are the way to my heart. If my house were on fire I would grab my hope chest. Well, my husband Cody would carry my hope chest — it’s a little on the heavy side. Inside the chest are my dad’s worn tie-dye shirts, sweats and socks laden with holes, […]

Goodbye, 2017

Today we say goodbye to old habits that die hard, we close a chapter on a full year of taking care of our babies, families, pets and we reminisce on all of the days we spent kissing little foreheads and counting little toes. We may be thinking of a loved one who passed this year, […]

This Is All Of Us

(Warning: Major “This Is Us” spoilers ahead…) Before a poet sits down to write a rhyme, a musician composes a song, or an engineer creates something extraordinary they all must be inspired. Previous to becoming a Mom I always knew my passion was writing but I didn’t feel that spark of ideas to write about, something profound that viewers […]

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