Author: Ali Wells

5 reasons to hit the trail with Wenatchee Family Fitness

Unique workouts customized for you! Certified in group fitness, Barre, Yoga, and all prenatal/postnatal modifications. We’ve got your HIIT fusion workouts, incorporating all your favorite styles. Safe for every stage of motherhood. Bring the kids! With the kids tucked safely in their strollers, they and their buddies get to hit the trail with you. While […]

A Thanksgiving Workout: “Burn the Bird”

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and reflect on the things we’re thankful for. Let’s not forget to take a moment and thank our bodies for everything it does for us and our families. As mothers, our bodies are working non-stop to take care and nurture our families. From carrying our babies for 10 months, […]

Summer workouts with kids

When it comes to working out, sometimes it is hard to find that motivation. Add a kid or small army and daily life becomes a workout all its own. Now that school’s out and the kids are bursting with limitless energy, my fellow pre/postnatal group fitness instructor Ariel Croffut and I have teamed up to […]

Your prenatal workout

There is a stigma around working out while pregnant, as though during pregnancy we should stop all physical activity and take it easy. However, more and more studies have come out with nothing but support for expectant moms to be working on their fitness and continuing exercise throughout pregnancy. I am your local group fitness […]

Healing after diastasis recti

As owner and instructor of Wenatchee Family Fitness, I focus on pre and postnatal fitness. I come across the condition of diastasis recti from time to time, and am asked about it often. Worried moms and moms-to-be catch wind of these two scary words and they think they’re doomed to wear the physical effects of […]

Top 3 exercises to improve your day

As a fitness instructor, my job is to help you become a better you. We all have our reasons for seeking physical activity. Some are looking to lose weight, others to become stronger and faster, and some to improve their mood. What about simply improving your quality of life? As parents, we are tired! We’ve […]