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A year of heartbreak and hope

Goodbye 2017. You started by throwing me for a loop. You gave us a winter that showed up early and stayed late and I thought it would never stop snowing. Through that winter I struggled with my little sister’s death and asked why a girl with a perfect smile and one of a kind laugh […]

To the new, tired moms

To all you new moms out there who are struggling through the day on just a few hours of sleep, bad news… I am here to tell you that it never gets better. Until the day you wave goodbye to your college-bound son wondering how you survived 18 years with him you will continue to […]

The parent of an athlete

Being the parent of an athlete is a gift. I truly believe that. This is my daughter and I wrapped up in each other standing on her high school soccer field after an exhausting and hard fought 80 minutes of regular play, an eight minute scoreless over-time, leading to a subsequent shoot out which resulted […]