Author: Anna Kae Norman

Big news from Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry

We have a big announcement to make here at Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry… We are moving to our new office at Old’s Station by the Gateway Cinema and will be open on June 25th! It has been a privilege serving the children of Wenatchee valley for the past eight and a half years at our Mission Street […]

Why I love CrossFit, and my gym community

CrossFit: you either love it or loath it. You may be impartial or perhaps slightly intimidated because your only experience or exposure has been watching exceptionally fit women on TV who look like they can lift Volkswagens competing in the CrossFit games. You may even think to yourself, “I could never do that.” I am […]

A year of heartbreak and hope

Goodbye 2017. You started by throwing me for a loop. You gave us a winter that showed up early and stayed late and I thought it would never stop snowing. Through that winter I struggled with my little sister’s death and asked why a girl with a perfect smile and one of a kind laugh […]

To the new, tired moms

To all you new moms out there who are struggling through the day on just a few hours of sleep, bad news… I am here to tell you that it never gets better. Until the day you wave goodbye to your college-bound son wondering how you survived 18 years with him you will continue to […]

The parent of an athlete

Being the parent of an athlete is a gift. I truly believe that. This is my daughter and I wrapped up in each other standing on her high school soccer field after an exhausting and hard fought 80 minutes of regular play, an eight minute scoreless over-time, leading to a subsequent shoot out which resulted […]