1. Unique workouts customized for you! Certified in group fitness, Barre, Yoga, and all prenatal/postnatal modifications. We’ve got your HIIT fusion workouts, incorporating all your favorite styles. Safe for every stage of motherhood.
  2. Bring the kids! With the kids tucked safely in their strollers, they and their buddies get to hit the trail with you. While you’re working out, the kids are incorporated and included as we sing songs, play games, and cheer on Mama! Kids have the opportunity to see firsthand what health and fitness looks like and are sneakily educated as we entertain them.
  3. Sisterhood! Something magical happens when a group of women get together and sweat. A tribe is born as we push through tough workouts and the challenges of motherhood. Supporting, cheering, and encouraging local women in all the stages of motherhood naturally develops a sisterhood.
  4. The great outdoors! The Wenatchee Valley is BEAUTIFUL, and what better place to enjoy it than the riverfront at Walla Walla Point Park? Starting and ending at the main playground, the kids get to play before and after class, getting wiggles out and providing incentive for happy stroller tots during class. As we travel along the trail making a few pit stops for some resistance training and water, we get to soak up the sunshine and appreciate the nature that surrounds us.
  5. Events! From special family classes, playdates and crafts, to mom nights out, the group gets to bond on a different level. Bringing the partners and spouses to our classes encourages healthy families through fitness. Families get to meet and spark friendships. Playdates are a must as our kids need socializing and playtime. Fun and silly crafts let our kiddos express their creative side. Most importantly, mom nights out! We need a breather, and to nurture our own friendships as we trek through motherhood.

So if you’re a mother looking for a fun workout, a tribe, or to get outside for a little sunshine and entertainment for you and the kiddo, come check us out! The first class is always free!

For class times and event dates you can visit www.wenatcheefamilyfitness.com or check out the Facebook page for videos, live updates, and to get in touch with other moms in the area. Our season opener is Monday, April 1, and we also have a special family class on Saturday the 6th at 10 a.m.