I collect windows — big windows, small windows, glass panes or none. They can be used in so many different ways. For instance, I recently decided to take a six-pane window and paint it to incorporate with my Christmas decor. Total spent on project was $2!! (I was given the window and the other supplies were green craft paint and a mini battery-powered strand of Christmas lights. I already had modpodge, glitter and pompoms on hand.)

This project is simple to create. And I promise you don’t have to be great at painting to craft with it!

Using a variety of greens, I created branches with simple paint strokes, several in each pane. The different shades of green really pull it all together. I allowed the paint to dry, then covered the branches with green glitter modpodge, then let the modpodge dry, too. That’s the hardest part!

Next I hot-glued on pom poms in a variety of sizes and colors, which seemed perfect for the tree ornaments. Then I added a strand of Christmas lights, hot-gluing those in place, as well.

Check this out… With dry time, it only took a couple hours to complete this project, and it’s so fun and festive! Add a star or an angel to the top and lean it up against a wall that needs a little Christmas flare!

Merry Christmas Crafters!