My private library

It’s a quiet Tuesday evening, filled with soft rain on the roof, the occasional car rounding our cul-de-sac, and sleeping children. The kids have recently learned that they can stretch out bedtime by making one last bathroom trip, asking for more stories, another sip of water, extra snuggles. Who am I to deny that last one? But now I’m pretty sure they are asleep. I tell myself I soon will be too, as soon as I finish the dishes, send some emails, and pack the Halloween stuff away (I know, I know). My dog’s eyes watch me from his bed as I move about the kitchen. He’s older now, some would say an old man. He misses our long walks and hikes, but has regally taken his place at the back of the pack.

Once my doings are done, I linger in the living room, in front of my bookcase. Time for a new book. I take down Tara Westover’s Educated, a new memoir that’s currently a bestseller. I bought it a few weeks ago after a friend told me the premise. I sit down, open it, and read the prologue. I keep reading.

Now for the parent dilemma: do I retire to bed, or stay up and enjoy the quiet?

My cat Luna is a fan of books as well.