Thanksgiving is a time to stop and reflect on the things we’re thankful for. Let’s not forget to take a moment and thank our bodies for everything it does for us and our families.

As mothers, our bodies are working non-stop to take care and nurture our families. From carrying our babies for 10 months, to birthing and giving nourishment. We endure sleepless nights and early tired mornings. Our bodies are a sanctuary for those big feelings our kids don’t know how to handle, and we willingly sacrifice ourselves for messy slobbery kisses. Our bodies go to work to provide an income, then come home and take care of the household. We run errands, we chauffeur the kids from playdates to practices. Amid all the chaos it’s important we take a timeout for ourselves and recharge. A little self-love is earned, and honestly, necessary. So, this Thanksgiving show yourself some love. I’ve put together this “Burn the Bird Workout” to give you the energy and self-care you’ll be needing this holiday.

A quick note about form and safety: When using equipment make sure your surroundings are clean and clear. Form is crucial to ensure no injuries occur, and to maximizing results. Think of your body as a straight line. Shoulders need to be over the elbows and elbows over the wrists. Our feet should be in line with our hips (hip width apart) and hips in line with the shoulders. The knee should never extend over the toe, and our backs should be straight and flat, and our core always tucked in. Make sure you start with a warm up, and end with stretching.

Grab a set of dumbbells and a timer. This is a busy time of year, but all you need is 30 minutes. If you need to drop the weights, do it. Never compromise your form. One minute for each move, and repeat the set twice. You can find a demonstration on my Wenatchee Family Fitness Facebook page where I explain each exercise and proper form.

  • Burpee with an overhead press
  • Weighted deadlift
  • Bicep curls while holding a wall sit
  • Side Plank with a row
  • Weighted upper cuts
  • Bent over tricep press back
  • Hip lift with a chest fly
  • Mason twist
  • Front lunge with a hammer curl
  • Supermoms