This Saturday, October 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., TEAMS Learning Center is hosting its annual kids and families carnival fundraiser. The theme? The Greatest Sustainability Show on Earth!

With fun and sustainable events side by side, TEAMS is educating and inspiring families to go green. Come on down and enjoy a day of fun, games, entertainment and delicious food, raffles, cake walk (with hidden veggies) and special visitors from our community helping us share information about sustainable practices. All funds raised will go to help TEAMS Learning Center provide quality education for children, teachers and parents.

Many businesses and groups here in the valley embrace sustainable practices. The carnival aims to showcase these efforts and spread awareness of not just why, but how to take simple steps for a better future. From eating local food to recycling to reducing waste in general, there are many options families can choose from to make small changes that add up. TEAMS itself has adopted a number of sustainability practices: community gardening, using reusable linens and dishes, solar panels, serving whole foods snacks, and borrowing instead of buying books and event props just to name a few. With the down-to-earth community of parents and volunteers, you’ll find acceptance and support no matter where you are in your sustainability journey. Perhaps most importantly, the carnival is an opportunity to come together and have fun as a community.

To find out more about the Sustainability Carnival at TEAMS Learning Center this Saturday, visit the Facebook event page. Each year this carnival gets bigger and better. It’s a great time you don’t want to miss!