Our energy is a valuable resource. It can be zapped away if we don’t manage or take steps to fill our energy back up.

I’m the mom of a toddler and I recently went back to work, so I’ve been feeling the energy drain lately. So many people require my time and energy now. I had to take control back because I didn’t want to be tired all the time — for the sake of myself and my daughter.

To recharge your energy, it helps to do activities that bring you joy, release emotions and manage stress. Try something that is out of your normal routine. Adventures reboot your mind and give you something to look forward to, which is always an energy pick-me-up.

My recharge helps me thrive instead of just survive. I release my emotions while running and hiking. These activities also allow me to tap into my creativity and ideas flow.

My joy is ignited by creating, whether I’m rearranging my space, decorating a room or collecting flowers for a bouquet. This brings my joy to the surface.

Lastly: stress management. This is a huge energy drain and one we can’t avoid. I recently learned about adaptogens, herbal medicines that help your body adapt to stress. I have been doing two tinctures — one is Rhodiola (great for energy and stamina) and the other is ashwagandha (for increasing stamina, memory and relieving stress and anxiety).

What do you do to recharge your energy and manage stress? If you love to run and want to run with other local moms, check out the Facebook group I just started: Wenatchee Moms Run this Town. And join us on a run!