I was not a runner. 

I was working on a small-scale farm that supplied vegetables for a restaurant.  My schedule wasn’t demanding, which meant I had free time to explore and hike the local trails. And then one day, on a whim, some co-workers and I signed up for a 5k trail run. That’s when my love of running began.

I went out weekly to practice, since I had never run in my life and I have a competitive nature. I wanted to win! After that race I was completely hooked! I kept running until I became pregnant. When I reached the five-month mark, I just wasn’t able to run anymore. So I hiked and did yoga.

After I had my daughter, it took me another eight months to get out there and start a walk/jog routine. The strollers with the car seat hooked in are heavy to push! I kept at it and felt myself getting stronger and more confident. These runs were a true outlet for me as a new mom to a new area where I knew no one. This transitional time was very isolating for me, so keeping a schedule and staying committed helped keep me sane.

I think as moms we are always giving to others and nurturing our children, so it’s important to give yourself an outlet that refuels your body and clears the mind. Every time I hit the road or trail I feel free and empowered!

That’s why I recently started a local branch of a national group called Moms RUN This Town / She Runs This Town. It’s a free running group for moms in the Wenatchee Valley area. You are all more than welcome to join the new group, then meet up with other local mamas for runs and races. It’s a great place to meet new friends that have a common interest: being active and having fun. Join us today, and happy running!