My son turned 10 a few days ago. One of the things I love to do for my children is make them special birthday cakes. That’s probably because I grew up pouring over the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book. 

Now there’s Pinterest!!!  So many fantastic ideas! 

This year, my son requested a cake in the shape of the Loot Llama from Fortnite.  (It’s a pretty popular game right now.)

So here is my cake-making effort for you to enjoy. I hope you are inspired! 

I baked the cake, which was a butter sponge cake — next time I’ll use something a little more dense. 

I googled a picture of the loot llama. 

I spent so time drawing it on paper.  No photos of that though, they were pretty pathetic, I just needed to get dimensions right. 

I cut out the shape, then made a double batch of buttercream icing and the 3 colors I needed. I made the eye and reins from fondant. Then I iced the cake using a flat icing nib

…et voila…  a Fortnite Loot Llama birthday cake. 

I forgot the saddle bag. But hey, I was pretty happy with the outcome and so was my son. And that is what counts!  

Life and blessings,