The more involved my husband and I become in this community, the more events we are invited to attend. A lot of these events are semi-formal or formal. I am not a dress shopper, not even a little bit. In fact, I hate it. How often are you going to wear that same dress? Probably not more often than once per year, if that. For me, it’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that will spend most of its time in a closet collecting dust. Not to mention the usable space it takes up.

Recently, I’ve been turning to Rent the Runway online and I am addicted (which could be a bad thing, but let’s just say it’s good for now). I’ve used their dress services for wedding guest attire, formal events, evenings out, etc. They have everything from casual to dress casual, to cocktail and formal gowns. They also have regular everyday clothing for rent. Oh, and future brides — they have a whole thing dedicated to just you. The cost can be very minimal to pretty darn expensive, depending on if you’re going the uber-designer route. 

Some perks of Rent the Runway:

  1. They give you a free backup size, so if you’re worried about the dress fitting you have another option
  2. If you opt for the PRO status during your first checkout, you get free shipping on every order, free insurance and a free birthday dress (roughly a $30 annual fee)
  3. You can rent super nice dresses for as little as $30 (I have, and some of them have been the nicest dresses I’ve ever worn)
  4. Returns are free and so easy (you literally don’t have to leave your house)
  5. You don’t have to wash anything
  6. You have the option to purchase rented dresses for up to 75% off the retail price
  7. If your dresses don’t fit/you’re unsatisfied, you can call them directly and they’ll either help you find a dress and overnight it to you, OR they’ll give you the option to take an online credit in the amount you spent
  8. You can get a really good idea of how the dress fits in general by looking at the reviews of each dress (pictures and size details are always included)
  9. You’re not filling your closet with dresses you’ll most likely never wear again

Apparently this phenomenon has been in existence for a while and I only just became hip to it. Can’t turn back now.

Online shopping tip: Add the Honey app to your browser and it will automatically add any online promotional codes to your order at checkout. Sometimes there aren’t any, but most of the time there are and you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Honey is rated 5 stars on Google.

Happy shopping (er, renting).