Hi everybody! I hope your week is off to a wonderful, sunny start. It’s been a while since we’ve done a good old fashioned links post, so here ya go…. some fun stories/videos/random stuff we’re excited about today at Mom Blog HQ:

Has anyone else watched “The Letdown” on Netflix? It’s the most real depiction of new motherhood I have ever seen. The show is funny, touching and will absolutely give you sleep training PTSD. Watch it!

Speaking of incredibly real depictions of motherhood, who else is going to see “Tully” when it comes out this weekend?

This Friday evening, take the monthly art walk through downtown Wenatchee, and be sure to stop by Tumbleweed, where a local mama’s adorable, handmade bows and bow ties will be featured.

Yes, Duchess Kate looked flawless after giving birth. No, this isn’t normal.

There’s a really sweet profile of Apple Blossom Queen Gretta Wiersma in The World. Here’s the full festival schedule. And here’s a ton of tips for parents taking the kids to the Grand Parade on Saturday.

How gorgeous are these floral notebooks from Pickle Papers?

“The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep” is supposed to get your little ones to drift off quickly. I bought it, tried it, and have mixed feelings about it, though a couple friends swear by its magical powers. Thoughts?

I found my dress of the summer.

The Kentucky Derby is coming up this Saturday. Since I married a guy from Kentucky, the Derby is always a bit of a holiday in our house. And whenever we celebrate the Derby, we whip up a batch of mint juleps. (And whenever I drink mint juleps, I start speaking with a Southern accent. My husband does not seem to love this.) So muddle that mint, throw on a big old hat and place your bets, y’all!