It started off the same as any other night. Lying in bed with my 4.5-year-old by my side, reading her a story before we both fell asleep. I always keep a pillow between me and her as a barricade so that she doesn’t roll into me during the night.

Known as an extremely hard sleeper, I have slept through ambulances as a kid that would come weekly to our next-door neighbor’s house after he got drunk (yet again) and called 911 thinking he was dying. Low and behold he would be home the next day. This went on for years and I never awoke from the sirens. As a side note, he was always fine after the ambulances picked him up and he ended up dying of old age many years later.

I have slept through earthquakes. Many earthquakes. But this night, last night, was not this way. I remember being stirred by something hitting me in the face, I would push it away and it would come right back. Eventually I became frustrated by this “thing” that kept getting me in the face and in my sleepy daze I started slapping at it with tyrannosaurus-rex type arms.  It was pathetic, but it was all I could do at that time to push whatever it was away without hurting it. As somewhere in my brain at this ridiculous hour of 1:30 am, I had the faintest idea that it must be my daughter.

Again the “thing” hit me in the face. Then I realized, it was my daughters feet! How did they arrive at my face? She was turned fully sideways in the bed with her feet OVER my barricade pillow kicking me literally in the face. If she was awake she would have laughed as she knows how much I despise feet ESPECIALLY 2cm from my nose.

Eventually I was able to physically push her back into position and get some shut eye, but the humor of co-sleeping is something I will miss when she grows older and no longer wants to sleep alongside her parents at night. I get to listen to her talk in her sleep, spin in circles physically while she is dreaming, watch her cute little face as she lays there peacefully, rest my arm over her stomach while she breaths deep breaths and go to bed with a smile on my face. Obviously, some nights are not so easy or wonderful, but I know someday she isn’t going to want to sleep with us anymore, so I am going to enjoy almost, if not every night, that we get to have these moments with her. My snuggle buddy…. sometimes.