Hello Mom Blog readers! I’d like to introduce myself and invite you to a kid-friendly event this weekend.

My name is Jana Fischback, I’m a Wenatchee native and the executive director of a new non-profit, Sustainable Wenatchee. Sustainable Wenatchee’s mission is to promote a culture of environmental stewardship in the Wenatchee Valley. We’re doing this through educating and inspiring community members to live more sustainable lives.

We’re using Earth Day this weekend to kick-off the organization by hosting an Earth Day Fair outside of Pybus on Saturday, from 10am till 2pm. There will be kid’s activities provided by Joyful Scholars Montessori School and TEAMS Learning Center. Kids can meet Mother Earth and check out a Link Bus. We’ll also have free organic lemonade from the Hunter’s Wife and coffee from Cafe Columbia for those who bring their own reusable cups, so grab your tumbler (or sippy cups) and enjoy a beverage without creating any waste.

My little protester at the 2017 March for Science

Before I became a mom myself, I learned about how our lifestyle as consumers was unsustainable. I was amazed at how we are on the path to leaving the world a much worse place for the next generations. I became passionate about doing what I could to reduce my ecological footprint and helping others do the same. I earned my master’s in Environmental Studies and became a Sustainability Coordinator before moving back to Wenatchee shortly after my daughter was born in the summer of 2016. I co-founded Sustainable Wenatchee last fall and am so excited to have found a way to pursue my passion in my hometown. I will be sharing my thoughts and tips on eco-parenting, modern cloth diapering, and what you can do locally to reduce your family’s carbon footprint on the Wenatchee Mom Blog as well as on the Sustainable Wenatchee blog “Tread Lightly.”

So, “nice to meet you,” and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the Earth and our beautiful valley this weekend at Pybus, or at one of the many other Earth Day events going on this weekend. To find out about other environmentally-related, kid-friendly events in the future, be sure to follow Sustainable Wenatchee on Facebook.