Hello Wenatchee Mamas and Papas! Can you feel it? Spring is (kind of) here and summer is coming! And I hope that means for most of us we’ll get to do a bit of traveling. Whether it’s a local road trip to Washington destinations, flying somewhere within the states, or maybe even venturing out of the country!

I’ve recently found some helpful apps and services that can make a mama or papa’s travel experience a little easier.

  • iExit: Road trips can be fun, but also tiresome for little ones. Use this app to plan your much needed pit stops so the kiddos can stretch their legs!
  • TripIt: Don’t print out itineraries and reservations. Save it all in this app! TripIt syncs all travel plans and shows everything on your calendar.
  • Thanks to CharminSit or Squat helps find clean bathrooms! It’s the simple things in life that truly matter; and a clean bathroom for kiddos is definitely one of them!!

Don’t forget the entertainment! Common Sense Media curated a list of fantastic apps for kids that will help keep them entertained in the car, train or airplane! Search by age range!

The Mamava at SeaTac!

If you are a breastfeeding mama (I’m raising my hand; but also no judgement; fed is best in my book), feeding or pumping while traveling can sometimes be a logistical challenge. Here are a few apps and services that can help!

  • Mamava: Ok, you guys. This is one of my favorites. They have Mamava’s in the Seattle airport and it’s a huge relief for me. They are cute, quiet little pods for feeding or pumping. If your kid is like mine and gets distracted by anything and everything while eating, these pods are perfect.
  • Pumpspotting: From their website: “The pumpspotting app is the social network for breastfeeding moms and the place to connect over milk, motherhood and the best places to nurse and pump. It’s Facebook meets Yelp. Meets boob.”
  • Milkstork: This service is super great for traveling and working mamas! Pump while you’re away from baby for work or fun, and ship your precious juice home!

These are just a few I’ve found and used, but there’s so many more! What’s your favorite travel app?


(P.S.: Babies require a lot of gear — from cribs to car seats to strollers and more. Traveling with your little one? I can help.)

AJ and me in the Mamava at SeaTac a few weeks ago.