Where are all my Girl Scout cookie fans at?

Let’s face it, Girl Scout cookie season is by far one of the best seasons of the year. Don’t tell me you don’t get super excited when you see cookie stands set up outside the grocery store. Or when your coworker’s kids hit you up for sales. It’s OK, I don’t judge. I’ve definitely got more than a few boxes of cookies in my pantry right now. Our go-to’s are Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs. They usually don’t last long though. And while we normally just eat the cookies, this year I wanted to do something different with them. I looked at the official Girl Scout website for inspiration and decided to try my hand at homemade ice cream. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream? Now imagine it with chunks of delicious Girls Scout cookies in it. HEAVEN!

Making homemade ice cream always seemed so daunting to me but this post from Kevin and Amanda made me rethink that. You don’t even need an ice cream machine to make this recipe. The great thing is you could use it as a blank canvas and make as many other flavors  of ice cream as you can think of. What combination would you make?


One box Girl Scout Samoas
1/2 cup caramel syrup
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup toasted flaked coconut


Beat the whipping cream until stiff peaks start to form. This is the hard part if you don’t own a Kitchen Aid mixer. Unfortunately for me, I don’t, so I had to whip it by hand. Cotey helped with the majority of this process though, thank goodness. I did also hint that things would be easier with a Kitchen Aid so maybe one is in my future. (LOL)

Once you have stiff peaks, add in the can of sweetened condensed milk. You’ll want to chop the cookies up into small chunks and then add them to the mix.

Add the toasted coconut to the bowl as well. (To toast, simply heat in a skillet until brown.) Once you’ve folded all the ingredients in, pour into a square baking pan.
Pour caramel over the top and drag with a knife to create small swirls. Freeze overnight and then serve. Waiting is hard, I know.

But so worth it! We are happy campers over here.