I’m a self-proclaimed baby gear aficionado and I’m lucky enough to be part of Babierge as a Trusted Partner here in the NCW region…so basically, my baby gear hoarding tendencies are work-related. ; )

But on a more serious note, because of my job and my knowledge of gear, a lot of my friends and family ask me about baby equipment: what to get, what not to get, what’s worth the extra money, what you can spend less on, what’s popular, what’s safest, etc. I also get great feedback from all of my clients about what they (or their kiddos, rather) loved.

So, I’ve compiled a list (a short list for now) of some of my favorites and my clients’ favorites. Would love to hear from you all about your favorite gear too!

PS — if you are interested in “trying before you buy,” feel free to reach out! I have all of these items in my inventory for rent (plus much more). And I’m happy to put together custom “try before you buy” packages! Or if you’d like to give your kiddo a new toy or item for a few days just for fun, we offer temporary/rent-able toys too! 

  • My little man loves the Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center (that’s a mouthful!) and so have some of my customers. It’s super cute, long lasting (has multiple levels and stages) and provides for great entertainment. We have ours in the kitchen so AJ can watch us cook, clean, do dishes, etc.
  • In the infant months, before baby is sitting up or rolling, the Boppy Lounger (or traditional Boppy) is AMAZING. It’s a great place to lay baby while you’re sitting on the couch or folding laundry or eating or doing life things that require two hands. The traditional Boppy also serves as a great nursing support pillow.
  • The Rock N Play. Or otherwise known as “parents get to sleep too sleeping device”. This was SO helpful with AJ was an infant and we were feeding every 1.5 to two hours at night. He was right next to our bed and was soothed by the automated rocking (saves parents’ arms) and the built in noise/music feature. The slightly elevated Rock N Play also helped with AJ’s reflux. Lastly, for traveling folks, this is a great option to rent at your destination as it’s small/compact. Will definitely fit in any rental, hotel room, guest room, etc.
  • The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is so fun! Not only does AJ (who just turned 1) love it, but his cousins who range in age from 3 to 7 love it too. Yes, even the 7 year old plays with it! It’s interactive, has different noises and cheers, and kids can kick and throw balls into it. What more could you ask for?
  • OK, not 100% gear or toy related, but I have to mention these. The Medela Quick Clean Bags are life saving. Makes cleaning breast pump parts and bottles so much easier. And great for traveling too — all you need is the bag, water and a microwave. They are also reusable! You can use them 20 times (each).
  • I cannot tell you how many times each day I get compliments on my Uppa Baby Travel System. This is a pricier travel system but it is truly my most favorite piece of equipment I own (and rent). Easy to clean; easy to maneuver; grows with baby and family (because a double stroller); tons of storage; the list goes on.

If you have any questions about these items or would like more recommendations, hit me up! : ) ktucker@babierge.com.