My chicken flock here on the farm has been growing recently, and the hens (and one duck) are laying many more eggs than we can eat. I had a growing stockpile of fresh chicken eggs, and I hated to see them to go to waste, but we can’t quite eat seven a day…

So a couple days ago I preserved a big batch of eggs, and I’m going to tell you how to do it.

I try to to provide my family with fresh, homemade foods, and I preserve as much as I can while in season so we can enjoy the foods we love all year long. I’d really love to someday be a completely self-sufficient family. I make a lot of applesauce, and can peaches and other fruits for pie filling. I do a lot of pickling, freezing and drying, as well as butchering our own beef, pork and venison. We buy fresh tuna and process with pressure cookers. (I haven’t bought canned tuna in the stores for 10 years!)

So many family traditions and old ways of living have been forgotten. We are a society of instant gratification and convenience. It’s easier to buy your produce than grow it. Yes, when I can 50 pounds of peaches in August I can hardly even look at another peach for a while. But now, in the middle of winter, as I grab a jar for pies or just to eat, those peaches taste better than anything I could buy in a store. Homemade is healthier, too. And it’s a labor of love.

We are SO blessed to live where we do, with the produce we have available. And you know what? Anyone can do this stuff! I would rate simple food preservation techniques an “easy” on the level of difficulty. Time is the biggest factor. It takes time to prep and process.

Here’s how you preserve farm fresh eggs:

Simply crack your eggs and freeze in an ice cube tray. (I used an over-sized tray, but any size should work.) Seriously. It’s that easy.

Once frozen, pop the single frozen cubes out and store them in a freezer bag. Thaw and use! This is a great method to use when eggs are in over abundance, to save for later when production is down due to winter/molting seasons. And it’s perfectly safe.

Last night I took an egg out, set it in a bowl and refrigerated and used it this morning for breakfast. I’m not sure why I haven’t done this sooner!