Me again! OK, by now you all have probably realized that I’m a bit of a travel nerd and like to be prepared so I’m not stressed on vacation or family trips. Here are a couple safety tips I’ve stumbled upon recently that I’d thought I’d pass along. Happy and safe trails to you!

Knowledge is power and safety. Arm your little ones with basic knowledge. Help them memorize your phone number; where they are traveling to and from; the city they are staying in; a family member they are visiting; maybe the hotel name, etc. Those small pieces of information can help them feel secure and in the event they get lost, will help them make it home to you.

Teach them who “safe” people are. The obvious ones are firefighters, policemen and women, someone at the cash register, a flight attendant, etc. Another “safe” option is a mommy with kids. This actually happened to me a few weeks ago! I was the “safe mommy”. A little girl was lost in the store and she came right up to me, grabbed my hand, and said: “I’m lost and can’t find my mommy. She’s wearing a blue jacket and has red hair and her name is….” We found her mommy and she was safe and sound. I was so impressed by how much she knew to tell me and that she was so prepared in that unfortunate event.

Buddy system! Tried and true and old school. But it works. If you have older kiddos that want to be independent even while traveling and you’re comfortable with that, just make the buddy system a non-negotiable.

Child proof your accommodations. Whether you’re staying with family or at a hotel/rental, make sure you do some basic child proofing. A lot of Babierge locations do offer safety kits, baby gates, etc., so you can rent these and have them delivered to you! Look out for wall decor that can be grabbed by little hands, balconies, stairs, outlets, glass decor that can fall, etc.

Do some research about your destination. Find “family friendly” tourist attractions and “family friendly” things to do so you know where to go that’s safe(er) and more kosher for kiddos. Also do some research of the not so safe areas of your destination; so you know where to avoid if possible.

Do you have some safety tips? Leave a comment!