My daughter is playing a caroler and an Irish dancer during the performance of Bah Humbug! presented by Stage Kids Washington at the Numerica Performing Arts Center next week. I’m always amazed how much she learns and grows with each show. This time around, she’s learned how to speak with a proper British accent and also a Cockney accent. I was driving her  to an eye appointment one day and she was speaking with proper British in the car. I dared her to stay in character during the whole appointment. If she did, I would pay her $50. I knew she would be too shy. I was wrong.

She’s very proud of her roles and performances with Stage Kids. She has wonderful, supportive friends, an incredible director and talented and caring staff to help guide her through every show. Being a part of the Stage Kids family is a lifestyle. She wears a Stage Kids t-shirt to school most days, and often spontaneously breaks into song. Last spring the kids performed Disney’s Lion King Jr. One of the songs was “Be Prepared”. Every time Mrs. McCormick, Stage Kids Executive Director, says “be prepared” during a rehearsal, it’s like a cue for the kids to sing this phrase. Apparently it’s not as well received during my daughter’s math class at school.

Speaking of school, my young drama queen is in seventh grade this year. She ended up with the same PE teacher she had in sixth grade. On the first day of school all of the kids were asked what sport they were participating in this year. “Andrus?” asked the coach. My daughter replied, “You know Stage Kids is my sport!”.

I remind myself every day how much she loves this great group of kids. How much her talents and life skills have improved. The great role models she gets to hang out with on a regular basis. How happy she is on the stage. I remember these things when I’m up late at night helping with social media posts or typing blurbs for the program. When I’m running out of work early to get her hair and makeup done. And when I’m hurrying to wash and hang her leotard to dry so she has it for the next day’s performance. It’s worth it. As Stage Kids will tell you – it’s all part of the magic.

Join us for Bah Humbug! and remember “life was meant to live”. We’ve got four performances November 30 – December 2. Here’s a handy link for tickets.