As mothers, all we want is a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy delivery. Exercise can help you achieve all three! I know, yuck. As if pregnancy isn’t hard enough, right? Well here’s 10 benefits of exercising while pregnant for you to chew on:

  1. Reduces morning sickness.
  2.  Increases energy levels.
  3. Improves the mood.
  4. Helps with weight management.
  5. Reduces stress.
  6. Helps with sleep.
  7. Reduces chance of aches and pains.
  8. Helps prepare your body and mind for childbirth.
  9. Lowers risk of complications.
  10. Helps you bounce back and recover faster.

If you’re a high-risk pregnancy, always get approval from your doctor. If you’re already a physically active person, there is usually no need to stop your normal routine. I always ask my clients to please take extra care, and listen to your body.

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