Books we love: “Parent Hacks”

My mom gave me the best book ever for my birthday this year (I’m a first time mom so any hack I can get my hands on to try is excellent): “Parent Hacks: 134 Genius Shortcuts for Life with Kids” by Asha Dornfest and illustrations by Creighton Berman. Not only is it entertaining, well written, and funny; it’s actually super useful and makes me wish I thought of just a handful of the 134 hacks. The back of the book says it explicitly: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The great thing is that all of the hacks are parent- and kid-approved because they are drawn from a community of parents via Dornfest’s blog. She started her blog and subsequently wrote this book “to save and pass along these gems”.

I highly recommend picking up a copy to give as a gift or keep for yourself. In the meantime, I’ve listed some of my faves that I think you all might enjoy and included some photos from the book (the illustrations are on point):

#87 — Teething is my world right now so this one is particularly helpful: “Write medicine dosage schedules on the bathroom mirror to keep track”. Use a dry erase marker and you’re good to go. Great for late night, sleep interrupted, hazy moments. (PS: my favorite teething soother is Boiron, Camilia Homeopathic Teething Relief.)

#25 — “After a diaper blowout, take the onesie off top to bottom. If a blowout occurs while your baby is wearing a onesie, stretch open the neckline, peel it down over your baby’s shoulders, and then off at the feet — way more pleasant for everyone involved.” Ok. I’m seriously embarrassed. How has it been 7 months already and I haven’t thought to do this? Rookie parent move. If this is obvious to some parents, my apologies. But for others (like me), you’re welcome!

#129 — “Draw jack-o’-lantern carving lines with washable marker[s].” Genius! Believe it or not, Halloween is coming. I have a hard time committing to pumpkin carving designs; washable markers are genius!

#36 – I thought this one was funny, especially since I have little to no experience with boys as I grew up with tons of girls in my family….And now I’m a mommy to a boy. “Use O-shaped cereal as a potty training target. Little boys who’ve graduated to a regular toilet need practice perfecting their aim. Give him something to shoot for: a Cheerio (or similar cereal) tossed into the toilet bowl.”

#91 — “Heal your child’s chapped skin with nipple cream. Got leftover nipple cream? Use it to protect and sooth skin that’s raw from teething, tissue-wiping, and thumb-sucking.” I was a first-time preggers and bought enough nipple cream to survive feeding 35 newborns. The other day, I found myself wondering what to do with it. Problem solved! BTW, my personal fave is: Earth Mama, Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter.

There’s 129 more hacks in the book! I hope you all get a good laugh and some useful information out of it. I might add a new hack to the list: Mommies’ books provide hours of play and entertainment time for 7-month-olds.