Water Discovery at the YMCA

Last week, AJ and I finished our first session of Water Discovery class at the YMCA. We loved it. This was my first time doing any sort of structured parent and baby class and I had no idea what to expect. I wondered how a 6-month-old baby could be in a class, how I would feel being in the pool with him (up until the class he’d only been in a pool once), and if AJ would really get anything out of the class being so young.

I can’t say enough good things about the class. AJ loved the water and was so curious and intrigued by everything going on. When he wasn’t splashing his hands, he was staring at all the other little swimmers and taking it all in. I was nervous and full of first-time-mom, worst case scenario fears; but I was totally comfortable in the pool with my little. I felt confident and safe. He even went all the way under! With the help of Mary, our instructor, because I was too freaked out at first. But AJ did great. He wasn’t even phased by it. (PS: Mary is awesome and so is Kate, the lifeguard.)

I’m most grateful for the confidence I gained in the six-week class. AJ is too young to even realize the danger of water, but hopefully, starting him this young will help him learn how to be safe early on. The class was almost more for me as a new mommy than for him! I feel way more comfortable around pools, lakes, the river, etc., with him and that confidence helped me enjoy summertime water activities this year with my little man.

Thanks, YMCA! (Be sure to call for all the details about the swim program.)

PS: Big thank you to Leilani Bangs for coming to each class to take pictures! We so appreciate the memories your capturing for us!