Boutiques (and other fun stuff)

Little boutiques have been my jam lately. So have other sorts of online shopping. I wanted to take a minute and share some of my favorites!

First and foremost, Threads Clothing Boutique. Not only because it is a Wenatchee Avenue boutique owned by one of my favorite friends who I have loved since middle school, but because when you walk in, you instantly feel the desire to pamper yourself. There is such a perfect variety of fun, sassy, casual, and upscale options with brands like ASTR, Joe’s Jeans, and Lost and Wonder. The greeting cards are hilarious and slightly off color. The jewelry is to die for.  Hello, Charles Albert! The gemstone pieces are my favorite! You can stop by and get your favorite LipSense color, accessories, or the best girlfriend gifts.

Beth Dew opened her doors last August, and has been making the Wenatchee Valley ladies’ fashion dreams come true ever since. Stop by and say hi!  …And give her a hug from me.

Next on my list is a little different kind of boutique. It’s my comfort zone. I am loving all of the comfy, casual, and cute pops to my very boring attire. It’s called INDULGE boutique, and I find them on Facebook. Tops, bottoms, comfy casual skirts, shoes, etc. They’ve got it!  (And at a good price point.)

Mela Coffee Roasting Company in downtown Wenatchee (across the street from Threads!) When you walk in, you instantly feel like you are in a corner coffee shop in Seattle. The vibe is so cool and current. The music is on point.  It’s a place that makes you want to bring your girlfriends and just linger. They are known for their local, specialty roasted coffee.  I am not a coffee drinker, but have had items from their breakfast menu as well as pastries, Italian sodas and fruit smoothies. So delish. This needs to be on your to do list this weekend!

Have you been to Legend Designer Ice Cream on Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee? The first review that pops up on Facebook is this: “I must be dead. It’s the only explanation for a place like this popping up in my backyard. Somehow I’ve died and made it to heaven.” Yep. Sums it up! This swanky boutique-like ice cream shop feels…lavish. What? Yes. They don’t scoop it from a pre-made bucket. They make your ice cream fresh to order using liquid nitrogen. Each signature flavor is topped with 23k gold. My favorite? Cake batter ice cream mixed with fresh raspberries. Uhhh-mazing.!  It’s online shopping at it’s finest. So many options from different brands, and they change daily! It’s the easiest way to get addicted. Be careful! I have ordered such a variety of different items…Dyson Vacuum, Quilted Bedding, Rainboots, Christmas gifts, books, clothes, accessories and more!

I can’t leave our furry family members out! Bubbles and Bows is the cutest dog spa located at the bottom of Springwater Ave. in Wenatchee and is owned by Amanda Hill. My goldendoodle, Knox, loves her.

I’ve saved my favorite for last! LipSense. That magical lip color that you have seen all over social media. It’s as amazing as it looks. No jokes here!  It is kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof, kid proof, and basically lifeproof. I am a mom of three and it stays with me all day. I put it on in the morning and then forget about it. It comes in over 30 colors and gives me a pep in my step every day I put it on. It transforms me from a drab mom to a put-together mom.

It’s made by a company called SeneGence. They have a full line of the most amazing skincare and makeup. I spent well over $600 before paying the $55 to become a wholesale customer. That’s all I was going to do — Be a wholesale customer and get my products for an awesome discounted price. But guess what. As soon as my friends saw me wearing lipstick (which I’ve never done before) they wanted to know about it. I would smear my finger across my lips and show them how it doesn’t budge. At all. They were all amazed and wanted some too. Next thing you know, I’m on my way to earning cars, trips, jewelry, and getting big time commission checks. Just from posting pictures about this lip color. It was the best unexpected side gig I could ever imagine. I’m glad it happened without me realizing it, because I have always been antil-MLM companies. I hate them. I admit it. But this one has changed me. Big time! I can work from home as much or as little as I want. I can work from my phone. I can stay in my comfort zone and still be an introvert while earning big bucks. I no longer feel guilty with my cart full of items I don’t need at Target. I help pay our family’s bills. I can be more generous with the people around me. I’m loving it. You can check it out on Facebook or Instagram – Two Sisters Lip Addiction.

What are your favorite local or internet boutiques?  What places make you happy or feel special? What are your top go-to’s? I want to know!