Today my daughter Hannah had a playdate here at the farm with her cousin, Hunter. The girls did what most farm kids do and played outside with the chickens, ducks and dogs. I try and throw a craft in too and you know what, life CAN be just about Unicorns and glitter….and Slime!

So what is it about slime that has become so popular? I’m a Pinterest junkie so I started pinning away, with so many recipes and colors to choose from. So, I found one that I actually had every ingredient for at home, and if you don’t, back-to school shopping will get you glitter glue discounted.

Hannah and Hunter were so excited, and I was too, just looking at the easy instructions I knew this wouldn’t be a Pinning fail.

Supplies needed:

    • 4 oz glitter glue, color of choice (I only found the 6oz bottles, so I guestimated on my measurment.)
    • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1 Tablespoon contact solution (Yes it sounds strange but it all comes together perfectly.)

And that’s it!! So the girls picked their favorite color glitter glue, dumped what we thought was close enough to 4 oz into a bowl. We added baking soda and stirred until mixed well, then added the contact solution. This is where it got kinda messy, but don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t come together right away. Just keep stirring and when it’s all incorporated well, get your hands slimey and knead until slime isn’t sticky. It should be thick, squishy and glittery. It shouldn’t leave marks on counters or slimey fingers. It should be a blob-like substance.

OK, that’s easy right?! Well to make this unicorn-friendly, the girls picked another color and we made a second batch, combining the two blobs together, making one multi-colored slime!

So parents, here is a craft that literally takes 5 minutes and a few ingredients and is definitely an Easy on the difficulty scale. And, when your done, the kids can use play dough tools or just their hands to play with this cool slimey concoction. For storage I used a Zip Lock bag. Can’t get any easier! I’ve tried different recipes but this one came out just right, Pinterest Success, kids won and therefore I have won!

This is SO easy and fun,  Hannah and Hunter did all the work (they’re 6 and 5) and clean-up was a breeze. And, I have to admit, it is fun to play with, even for us that are just young at heart. Enjoy!