Hello Wenatchee Mom Blog readers! I’m so incredibly excited to be joining the blog and feel honored to be part of this community. I wanted to briefly introduce myself in my first blog; that way future blog references and stories make more sense. So here it goes!

My husband, Alex, and I moved to the Wenatchee Valley earlier this year from Orange County, CA. For my husband, it was a homecoming. He grew up here in the Valley; specifically, Cashmere and Monitor. All of his family is here and many close friends. I, on the other hand, was born and raised in Northern California and spent the last 10 years in the OC. So, the North Central Washington area is a bit of a change for me! But I’m loving it. The people and the surroundings have stolen my heart.

Besides being a mommy to my 7-month-old son, AJ, I’m a self-proclaimed baby equipment connoisseur. Before AJ was born, I did tons of research on gear and equipment and products; making sure I knew what the pros and cons were of all the popular items and what was essential versus a “nice to have”. It sounds a little silly, but baby stuff is kind of my passion. I’ll get back to this in a minute.

Shortly after we moved here, I traveled to Northern California by myself with AJ. I was nervous to say the least. Being the researcher I am, I found Babierge, a baby equipment rental service. I was able to reserve a car seat and stroller for the trip and was instantly put at ease. At least I wouldn’t have to drag all that equipment with me through the airport! I was so impressed by this service, I applied to be a Trusted Partner and was brought on in June. I can honestly say, I genuinely love what I do.

Ok, back to baby stuff. Becoming a Babierge Trusted Partner has given purpose to my love of baby gear and equipment. I can share my knowledge with folks and provide excellent gear to traveling families, grand parents, hotels, vacation rentals, and more.

How does Babierge work? It’s actually super simple. My customers make reservations through our online platform and I deliver, set up and then pick up whatever they’ve ordered. I have everything from full-sized cribs, strollers, car seats and high chairs to toys, baby baths, booster seats and books. And, we customize. I pride myself on being able to help customers plan ahead; they call me as they prepare for their trip and I’m able to help them figure out what can be rented and what should be packed (honestly, most can be rented). If I don’t already have the items packaged together, I can customize packages and even accommodate special product requests. This is where our name comes in to play: think Baby + Concierge = Babierge. We are your concierge for baby travel and we love to say: pack light, travel far, make lasting memories.

So, that’s me! I’m a California girl who’s loving her new neighborhood and who’s helping families travel lighter to our great NCW region.

I look forward to writing for you all more! In the meantime, you can follow me here: