10 gifts every new mom will love

Picture this: Your best friend/sister-in-law/co-worker is expecting a baby. That’s great news! You want to give her something to celebrate her new little one, but what? Her registry is pathetically picked over, she’s already got the basics covered. Here’s an idea: Stop by the Gilded Lily Home in the heart of downtown Wenatchee and pick out something timeless, well-made and unique from one of our favorite locally owned stores. This gorgeous gem of a shop is the place to find the plushest toys, sweetest onesies, and plenty of luxurious stuff for Mama, too! There are so many beautiful gift ideas at the Gilded Lily that any new mom (and baby) will adore. Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Buttery soft jammies and outfits made by KicKee Pants.

Since they’re made from bamboo, these lightweight pieces are environmentally sustainable as well as totally comfy. Seriously, you have to feel these clothes to believe how soft they are!

2. Jellycat stuffed animals.

These cute critters are just about the softest stuffed animals in the world. Even Princess Charlotte loves them. The Gilded Lily has a huge selection of Jellycats — from bunnies and bears to sloths and alligators, and one of my new favorites: a happy pink octopus!

3. Clothes for dapper little gentlemen and refined young ladies.

For the style-minded small person, the Gilded Lily is THE place to shop. They’re stocked with button-up shirts and ties and perfectly tailored slacks for the boys, and fancy dresses and a whole sparkly rack of whimsical tutus for the girliest of girls. Just look at the details in these pictures… This is high-quality clothing. If you’re looking for family picture outfits, special occasion attire or just a super cute ensemble for your next tea party, you gotta check it out. (Oh, and don’t forget shoes to complete the look! The shop has a ton of teeny-tiny tennis shoes, boots and sandals. Some of them even squeak!)

4. A foodie basket.

In those first hazy days of motherhood, when she’s not sleeping, hardly showering and can’t think of anything but that new little baby of hers, the last thing a mama needs is a house full of guests to entertain. And yet, everybody wants to see the baby, right? So house guests happen. Make entertaining easy by giving a gift basket full of gourmet goodies. The Gilded Lily sells Italian pastas and ready-to-serve sauces, baking mixes, soup mixes, pestos, salsas and lots more yummy treats to please a crowd. Throw it all in a pretty basket, toss in some bright table linens or serving ware, and you’ve got a beautiful, delicious gift that any new mom will appreciate.

5. Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.

Petunia Pickle Bottom bags make life so much easier for moms of babies and toddlers, and you can find a good selection of Petunia Pickle Bottom at the Gilded Lily. With easy-to-clean fabrics, tons of convenient pockets, and bold patterns and colors, it’s no wonder this brand is so popular. Just toss in the puffs and baby wipes and you’re good to go on your next adventure with baby! Plus, these super stylish bags look great for work and non-baby life, too.

6. Swim gear.

Because what’s cuter than a mini-swimmer kicking around the kiddie pool in high-fashion?The selection of swimsuits at the Gilded Lily is the best in the valley, and includes the famous RuffleButts and RuggedButts brands. With so many polka dots, stripes, one-pieces and two, plus protective rash guards, you’re gonna find something adorable.

7. A fresh scent for the home.

Real talk: Life with little ones can be pretty gross. All those diapers. All those accidents. Give a mom friend the gift of fine fragrance that can transport her away from those stinky kids and into a relaxing spa, to a windswept seashore, to a field of lavender, or (my absolute favorite) to a “ski house.” These are all scents from the luxury fragrance company Lafco New York, and they’re all at the Gilded Lily. Candles, diffusers and soaps make great presents any time.

8. Melamine dining sets.

Made by French company Baby Cie, sweet critters and French sayings liven up these BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plates, bowls and sippy cups — strong enough that even the wildest picky eater can’t break ’em. These sets are so beautiful, they’ll go into the baby’s memory box and make lovely heirloom gifts to pass onto the next generation.

9. Chocolate.

Need I say more?

The Gilded Lily offers a wide variety of specialty chocolates and other candies. Because who doesn’t need a little sweet indulgence in their life? No one, that’s who!

10. Books.

I love the idea of creating new traditions, like giving a classic children’s book to an expecting mom and then adding to their kiddo’s library every year. The Gilded Lily has baby board books, plus picture books for older kids. Add a sweet note to the inside cover and give the book as a standalone gift, or throw one in with a larger present. Either way, what a nice tradition!


So there you go: 10 suggestions for the new mom from our very own Gilded Lily. I honestly could have listed 100 other things. There are just so many beautiful items in the Gilded Lily.  The shop’s owners are committed to offering the highest quality products. That goes for the kid and baby stuff, as well as all the fine furniture, lighting, decor, handbags, jewelry, and everything else the Gilded Lily is known for. What do you think? Have you been to this store yet? What’s your go-to gift from the Lily?

And here’s a special offer for our Mom Blog readers: Shop at The Gilded Lily Home and mention this post, “10 gifts every new mom will love”, to receive a gift with your purchase of $40 or more now through September 1st. While supplies last, one gift per person.