Learn to take better pictures at a Momtography workshop

So if you have kids, (which if you are here, you probably do!) you might have a camera that you bought to take better pictures of them.  Do you know how to use that awesome camera? Or does it stay on “auto”… or worse yet, sit in your closet because it feels too overwhelming to learn?

Christine Potter Photography and Rural Roost Photography have teamed up to create an awesome MOMTOGRAPHY class just for you! Come learn from us how to use your camera, get off of auto, and take your own kids’ pictures. Heck, you can even take school pictures yourself this year!

We will have lots of time during the class for hands-on learning, and to put into action the things we are teaching you. Some of the things we will be covering are: how to get off auto, the exposure triangle, what lenses are good to use for what you want to achieve, what WE use, how to get that delicious blurry background, how to freeze motion in a picture, and so much more.

The class will be held on Friday, August 11th from 6-8 p.m. at Pybus Market.  It will be $100 and worth every penny!

Register Here: