Notifications — OFF

I know, I know. Your news feed is blowing up with skincare, clothing, jewelry, lipstick, cleaning products, oils, weight loss fixes, and Tupperware.

Mine is too.

Stay-at-home moms trying to find a name for themselves amidst all the kids pulling at their legs. Trying to make an extra buck so they can go to Target without feeling guilty about their shopping cart of home decor and clearance kids outfits (when all they really needed was computer paper).

You’re sitting there rolling your eyes and you claw your face, desperately searching for the button to turn off notifications for another party for the neighbor down the street that sees you every morning screeching into the drop off lane in your pajamas. I know, because I’ve been there.

I used to be so annoyed. Until I tried one of these seemingly magical direct sales products…in my case, LipSense (AKA, the most magical lipcolor ever)  and somehow, accidentally got totally and completely addicted. Like, spent $600 before I signed up just for the discount. (I SWORE I would never be one of those people.)

My name is Christine, and I don’t know what happened to me. But I’m now part of the multi-level marketing craze. And guess what…it really has changed my life.

That person I described up above? That was me. And I didn’t get it until it slapped me in the face.  Until I found a product that gave me a kind of confidence that I didn’t even know I was missing.

Let me tell you something. I’m a mom of boys. I live for everyone except myself. I’m 40 pounds overweight, my car (and usually my house) looks like 30 people live in it, and even though I have amazing hair you sure wouldn’t know it because it’s always in a messy bun. But once I throw on this lipcolor, you better believe I’m going to conquer the day.  Move over Beyoncé!

Besides the confidence it gives me, it’s paying our family’s bills and funding our playtime. I’ve been in it six months and my commission checks make me squeal, I’m earning jewelry, and am THIS close to earning a car and trip to Costa Rica. (Is this real life? Did I mention I am a complete introvert? That I wasn’t looking for extra income?) I’m gaining confidence I had lost. I’m making new friends. I’m learning to be a leader. I’m feeling appreciated on a daily basis. I’m finding a purpose.

So yeah. I’m that person on social media now! I want this financial freedom, confidence boost, and these amazing products for all my friends. There is room for everyone.  However, you won’t find me badgering or being pushy.  Actually, I will rarely go out of my way to talk to you about it.  Instead, I wear swipes of lipstick on my hand and let people come to me, asking what is up with the colorful swatches on my hand that won’t rub off.

The snarky comments I see on Facebook do burn, but I brush them off because I have been there and have felt the same way about people pushing products.  (Heck, I still do feel that way from time to time when I feel like I am walking through a used car lot.)

But from one skeptic to another, I’m here to say this: Quit being a pessimist and support your friends! You don’t have to buy their stuff (most of my sales are not from my friends or family), but give them the benefit of the doubt. When you see their posts, instead of rolling your eyes, give it a like every once in a while and try and see their why. They wouldn’t be doing it unless there was a greater reason. Whether that reason is — confidence, the need for a few bucks, or heaven forbid the love of a product.

I can say from experience that the fear of losing friends and making things awkward because of posting about products is a real thing. I worry about it all the time. But I have just had to learn to say screw it because my intentions come from love, seeing the success, and wanting to share it with others. Friendship and MLMs don’t have to make things awkward. In my opinion, friends should never feel the need to have to buy one of my products. If you like them, awesome! If you aren’t interested, no problem!

So take a minute to remember…this is our generation. Let’s support each other and build each other up and not let social media get in the way of friendships or happiness. Next time you start to feel annoyed, change your thinking and throw some love towards your hard working friends who are hustling and killing it.

Get it girl!