As a mom, I find it hard to be mindful. I can imagine a future day when my brain is freed up enough to be mindful- but at the moment, my mind is so busy, so concerned with the needs and schedules of others, that I forget what I need, or what I was planning to do, or my goals for the week. And I know this is temporary. Soon I will be lamenting how quickly the past seasons have flown — but for now — now is just not that mindful.

Should I practice mindfulness? I don’t really have the time. Should I wake up an hour earlier than my kids and set my intentions and goals for the day? Honestly, the sleep is more important. Should I kick myself when I forget to exercise or keep eating after I’m actually full or stay up too late finishing my to-do list? No, a hundred times, no. 

I don’t really know what to do to be more mindful during this very busy and stressful time of life. I want to eat slowly and listen to my body’s feelings of hunger and satiation. I want to get a good night’s sleep every night. I want to exercise every day. I want to be patient and gentle and firm and unflustered with my children. But I just don’t have the room in my day to be all that mindful. I have little bits and pieces- a quiet moment here, a little break there, to process and think and plan and prepare and just be aware of my state of being. But not steady mindfulness where I’m constantly aware of my needs and feelings and am fulfilling and processing in turn.

Lately, I’ve been setting direction for the month. It’s not like a constant or even daily mindfulness, but it’s something. This month I want to be more schedule focused so everyone can get to bed on time and I can get a better night’s sleep. Or this month I want to clean out the closets and basement and get rid of clutter to simplify my life. Or maybe, I want to eat slowly. Or, I will plan to take a walk after supper every evening. Even that amount of mindfulness about what I need really helps.

What do you do? Are you mindful? Do you schedule your mindfulness? Does it come naturally? Or do you sometimes feel like you’re on a roller coaster and you’re hanging on for dear life?