The wild magic of childhood

Childhood is magical. It really is. It’s full of delight, wonder and awe. I have so many memories of elaborate imaginative games of my childhood. I remember specific days of my young life purely because that day we played something so magical it transported us to a different place altogether.

The Waldorf method of education encourages this. I just read this Waldorf-inspired article and noticed the section about reading fairy tales. Fairy tales? Wouldn’t real life, such as science or animal books, be amazing enough? But no, fairy tales. The magical, imaginative element of fairy tales is powerful.

I watched this video and cried. To us, the moms and dads, there’s a lot of work. From dawn until dusk we’re doing the hard work of raising a family, working our jobs and providing for our and their future. We’re facing the parenting challenges and the work/life balance, and all the little details in between. But to them, the children, it’s magical.

I’m feeling gratitude for this reminder. And I’m trying to let this magic affect me too.