10 things my 4-year-old says

1. When I ask if he’s tired: “I’m only rubbing one eye, so that means I’m not tired.”
2. “Samantha (2-year-old sister), cover your mouth when you cough.”
3. “What does the snowman say when he melts?”
4. “What does the turtle say when we eat his shell?”
5. “What treat do I get if I eat the broccoli?”
6. “It’s not called a party. It’s called a farty. A farty is when I stink you up directly.”
7. (Upon hearing that I’m almost 40): “You’re not almost 40. You’re not 40 till you visit the water park.”
8. (Shouting from the other room): “Are you ready for this to happen?!”
9. (While we were watching Sesame Street, and I was singing along to the theme song): “Mama, let them sing it.”
10. “You’re the best mama I’ve ever loved.”