Long time no see, moms and dads!

I gave birth to my third baby, Natalie, back in August, and wow — life is crazy-busy. It’s been six years since I’ve had a little baby to care for and buy things for, and I forgot a lot of the details. It’s amazing what comes back to you in a fleeting moment, and I’ve been lucky to have so many mom and dad friends to remind me of the items I may (or may never) need. For instance, THINGS. Things like easy-to-clean, sealable, reusable bags for wet clothes and dirty diapers on road trips (or even quick trips to the store, because poop waits for no one). Yes, that is a real thing.

Over the last eight months I’ve been using some fantastic locally-made products for moms (and dads) and babies and I have to say, they. are. awesome. The quality of fabric, durability, washability, stitching, color and style — I give an A+ and an A++ for being made locally, by a local mom. I’m talking about Sweet Bobbins‘ owner and operator, Crystal DeJong, who is a mother of six with two children under the age of four. So, you could say she’s a professional. You may have seen some of her cute stuff on display at Full Bloom Flowers and Plants at Pybus Public Market, Simply Unique and Merriment Party Goods on Wenatchee Avenue. Right now, Sweet Bobbins has a local mom coupon code to receive 20% off a purchase from her online Etsy store, so I wanted to share the code with all of you and give you a quick review of each item I’ve tried so far!

I’ll start with the nursing cover. The nursing cover was the perfect size. I used it in my car (often) and liked the way it folded up easily to fit into my purse. Which, at the time, was tiny because I was delusional about the amount of stuff I would need to carry with me. One of those small details I forgot.

The pacifier clip is super cute and attaches to many different types and sizes of pacifier. I know this because I tried every stinkin’ one under the sun in hopes to persuade my baby to take it and soothe herself. I wasn’t successful, so I don’t currently use the clip. Pacifiers get lost and fall on bacteria-ridden restaurant floors all the time. Which sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

The bib is really nice because it’s soft, but durable like terry cloth and very easy to wash. I literally just throw it in with the colors and into the dryer with no problem. It has a snap to close as well.

The bamboo washcloths are my FAVORITE. My older kids also love them. Again, easy to wash and dry and because they’re bamboo, suuuuuper soft and gentle on the skin. Not gonna lie, I’ve even used them. Plus, I love the patterns she uses. I highly recommend these washcloths. Side note: I also bought some random bamboo cloths off Amazon.com, and there is just no comparison. These are great quality, much, much better than the ones I purchased online.

The wet bag (which I described in depth above) is a necessity. I have used the wet bag for wet bathing suits, clothes, dirty diapers (it seals the smell if you’re on the road and there’s no garbage can in sight) and dirty clothes. I have come to the conclusion that plastic Safeway bags just don’t cut it with dirty diapers and should be only used to carry groceries and dog poop. Probably not at the same time, though. The wet bag is lined on the inside with water/moisture/dirt proof material so it’s easy to turn inside out and hose off or wipe down. It also has a handy little loop to carry it with or hang up, and closes by zipper.

The toddler snack bags are great for kids’ lunches and on the go, in the car, in the yard, etc. Pretty much wherever! They seal with Velcro and are easy for kids to open and close. I have also washed them in the washer and after accidentally drying them in the dryer, I would recommend just washing and letting them air dry.

There are so many things to think about when you have a baby, and these products are not only cute, unique and affordable, they make life a little easier. I love that Crystal makes these from home, with her two youngest running around inspiring her! I hope you decide to try some of Sweet Bobbins’ products, and if you do, remember to use the discount code “WenatcheeMom” for 20% off in her Etsy store! Shop local, support local businesses, support local families. That’s my motto.