This isn’t a post that will debate whether the Trump administration’s immigration policies are right or wrong. The Wenatchee Mom Blog probably isn’t the appropriate place for that.

What I want to bring to the attention of readers of this blog site is the impact those policies — whether you agree with them or not — are having on families in North Central Washington. The policies are generating a lot of fear among the thousands of undocumented immigrants who live in the region. Will they be quietly and efficiently torn from their adopted country? And what becomes of their children if they don’t come one day because they’ve been deported?

At this point, it might be easy to unplug from this post and think, “Well, I was born here. This has nothing to do with me.” Guess again. The undocumented immigrants — some prefer the term illegal immigrants — are our neighbors. They have names, they have faces. Many of them are parents with children in our schools. Your kids sit in the same classroom with their children, play with them at recess, eat lunch with them, play team sports with them, maybe even date them.

The Trump administration has said its policies will focus on detaining and deporting the criminal element among undocumented immigrants — those who have committed crimes that go beyond crossing the border illegally to enter the U.S. But politics are politics. Also, the new administration hasn’t earned the trust needed to take the president and his underlings at their word. What’s said one day isn’t necessarily what’s carried out the next. Throw in the fact that while campaigning our current president used a very broad brushstroke to label all Mexicans as murderers and rapists and you have an incredibly unsettling feeling for many among us.

What can you do? Regardless of your views on the subject, I would only suggest that you address the topic in a humane way, especially around your children. We’re dealing with human beings here, regardless of legal status. If we demonize a large segment of the population during our discussion of this topic, our children pick up on that and will ultimately act out those feelings against other young and innocents.