I love shopping too much. It’s a problem.

I love shopping like I love coffee. Like I love chocolate. Like I love romantic comedies from the ’90s. (Have I become a walking Cathy cartoon? Is this who I am now? Ack!)

I was a mall rat in my teens, handing over wads of wrinkled up babysitting money for the finest jewels Claire’s had to offer. In my twenties, I spent Saturday afternoons blowing my first big-time pay checks on “going-out tops” and bootcut jeans and other super important stuff. Then, just as I was thinking about maybe starting one of those savings account things, along came online shopping, my great enabler. (After a night of drinking wine and listening to old songs in my pajamas recently, I hopped online and bought a Getty Image of Carly Simon and James Taylor. I now OWN this image. Why? What in the actual hell? Do I frame it and hang it next to pictures of my children?)

So yeah, I have a shopping problem. While I am actively taking steps to get better (I made myself watch a boring documentary about minimalism) and work on developing a tiny bit of self-control, I can still window shop guilt-free on Instagram, swiping through all the beautiful images that local stores like Tumbleweed and Merriment post there. Really, other than celebrity puppies, I mostly just follow cute stores on Instagram. If you’re new to Instagram or just looking for new local accounts to follow, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Urban in Cashmere (@urbandincashmere)

My affection for this store is intense. With fresh furniture and decor hitting the floor weekly, there is always something gorgeous to discover at this new and vintage boutique in the heart of downtown Cashmere. And here’s the BIG news: Urban now carries Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia line of home decor.

2. Hustle & Hide (@hustleandhideco)

OK, so this handcrafted leather goods company is not EXACTLY local. But Spokane is just up the road, so we claim them. From a Spokesman-Review article last year: “A tour of Hustle & Hide’s Instagram is like a nature hike through the Northwest.” And the products — butter-soft leather handbags, wallets and their best-selling fanny pack — are 100 percent PNW-chic.

3. Threads (@threadswenatchee)

One of downtown Wenatchee’s newest gems, Threads carries premium, on-trend brands like Joe’s Jeans and Parker Smith. (That’s the shop’s impossibly stylish owner Beth Dew in the photo below.)

4. Vermilyea Pelle (@vermilyeapelle)

From a recent Wenatchee World article: “High quality doesn’t come any higher than the sturdy, stylish briefcases, duffle bags, wallets, belts and other products made by master craftsman Dustin Spencer, owner of Wenatchee company Vermilyea Pelle.” Perfect gift ideas for the outdoorsy man in your life, right? Spencer’s workshop is located inside American Shoe Shop in downtown Wenatchee.

5.  Balsamroot Jewelry (@balsamrootjewelry)

Sherry Trammel-Schauls is the owner and designer of Balsamroot Jewelry, and you can find her “minimalist gemstone and metal jewelry” and tons of other pretty things at her Pybus Market store, Balsamroot Boutique.

6. Pickle Papers (@picklepapers)

Peggy at the Pickle has a passion for pencils, and I totally get it. As someone who spends my days typing away on a computer, there is something incredibly satisfying about writing with a pencil, especially a pretty one. Follow this sweet downtown shop for your daily fix of pencils (and stationary and journals and wrapping paper…).

7. Posy Handpicked Goods (@posyhandpickedgoods)

This place is all about supporting local, independent artists and designers. They sell home decor, apparel and kid stuff. Follow their Instagram account for fun inspiration and gift ideas.


Who else should I be following on Instagram? What’s your favorite local place to shop? Let me know!