(Note: This is the second in a new series of posts all about how we spend our days. You can read the first post here.)

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “A Day in the Life: Elizabeth.” I’m just sitting down to finally email that document for publishing and of course the document is nowhere to be found. Did my husband accidentally delete it? Did my almost 2-year-old somehow erase it? I guess it doesn’t really matter, it’s gone and here I am trying my best to recreate it. It’s almost fitting actually. THIS is exactly what a day in my life is like.

I’m sitting on my couch, drinking A&W root beer directly from a 2-liter bottle because Monday and sadly I can’t drink caffeine. Yep, I’m a mom to two under two and I can’t drink coffee. Some days it makes me feel like I could easily qualify for a weekend stay in an insane asylum. I’m two paragraphs in and already since beginning this post, I have changed two poopy diapers, tended to baby cries three times and twice put my almost 2-year-old back in her bed for the nap that she consistently tries to refuse.

My original post was a little rosier if you know what I mean, it must have been a good week. Those happen when there’s a full moon and the stars align just right or something like that.

My 8-month old son Austin is sitting on the couch across from me, he’s playing with a toy that sings songs. I could sing each song word for word if you were interested. He keeps repeating “Dada” over and over again. He is the second child birthed from my loins to utter that word before any other. Dads get all the glory!

I spent my morning attempting to clean my daughter’s bedroom, she helped. If you have a toddler you know what that means. It’s basically a race, who can be faster? Mom putting everything away, or Gracelyn pulling everything back out. I won, which never happens. She will get the last laugh though, because when we refuse to take our nap we instead pull out every single toy we own. Hold that thought, baby cries again.

Where was I? Oh yeah… My life with these two crazy kiddos and their Daddy. You’d expect a “Day in the Life” concept to have mention of a routine. Routine? I’m not quite sure what that means. Can I get a definition? We take this day by day over here or on some days, like today, hour by hour. I’ve come to realize that expectations when dealing with tiny people just set you up for failure. They do not care if you are still tired in the morning. They are not. They do not care if you have an appointment in 20 minutes. They want to cry. They do not care if you made spaghetti for dinner. They want fruit snacks instead. I live on Gracelyn and Austin time and despite the chaos, the tiresome mornings and uneaten meals, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My husband works really hard so that I can stay home and take care of these amazing little people we created. He even… wait for it… wakes up with them throughout the night, AND gets up with them in the morning allowing me to catch up on a few more minutes of sleep. It’s the one thing I can count on every day, because after Daddy leaves for work it’s wait and see where these beautiful babies will take me. Today, I watched my daughter rocking her baby doll in her arms singing “nigh-nigh…nigh nigh” to her. Today, I got down on the floor and played with my son, as he beamed to see me on his level. I never miss a single “insignificant” moment, and for that I am lucky.

I may joke about motherhood and how hard it is to be a stay-at-home mom, but I wouldn’t trade my chaotic days within these four walls for anything. It takes a special kind of selflessness to be a mom and I’m glad that more often than not I’ve got enough of that selflessness within me. My children are my whole world and the love I have for them makes it really easy for a momma to go with their flow. Speaking of which, there are those baby cries again.