A Day in the Life: Clara Field

(Note: This is the first in a new series of posts all about how we spend our days. As you can see from the pictures of sunny skies and pretty chrysanthemums in bloom, Clara wrote this a few months ago. It’s a healthy dose of autumn on a cold winter day. Enjoy!)

I wake up to a crying baby-toddler wanting to nurse…I check my phone and it’s 6:15. I must have pressed snooze at 6. I try to stay awake while nursing but don’t succeed. I wake up again at 6:30 when Ben’s phone buzzes. Must. Get. Up.

I scootch away from baby and get dressed. Then head downstairs to make a French press full of delicious, soothing coffee. I pull out a colorful mug and splash some half and half in it. (Lots of detail here, because this is an important part of my day — haha). I pour coffee and pick up the warm cup and drink. So good.

Awake, dressed, and coffee in hand, I am ready. I also spend a few moments in prayer and read some helpful, settling verses to get my mind started in the right direction. The kids are up and dressed and eating coffeecake and scrambled eggs and lunches are put into backpacks. There’s a flurry of hugs and kisses and goodbyes between the six of us and everyone’s flying in different directions.

I am a mom of four children: a nursling, two of elementary age, and one high schooler. I am a stay-at-home mom, a housewife, a homemaker…whatever you call it, I really like staying home with my kids and doing home things. I am immensely grateful to my husband who works so hard and supports me in doing what I do. I have worked and volunteered for various places and causes at different times, but I always come back to being at home, doing homey stuff, and that is where I thrive and am the happiest. I love to keep our home organized and make plans and keep everything pretty. I love designing and decorating and cleaning and tidying. I love planning things for the children and helping them with their things. I love being home when they get home. I love making food for all my people. I love nursing and am so grateful I was able to nurse all my babies on demand.

My babe and I usually take a walk and end up at the park where we play for a bit before we head home and clean up, put the house to rights, and get some laundry started, but today is Friday, our shopping day, and it takes awhile, so we head to Fred’s and Costco and load up enough to feed six people for a week. Pumpkins and apples and pumpkin spice and peaches and pumpkin everything were speaking to me so there will be some delicious baked goods and fall colors in our near future. Autumn is delicious: harvest, leaves starting to change, cool mornings, hot afternoons, and evenings turning cold quickly as the sun sets earlier and earlier. We get our groceries and then stop by Stan’s where they have super cute kids’ carts! We buy some tiny red Converse sneakers then head home and little guy eats lunch while I unpack groceries and water plants.

He’s ready for a nap and I’m ready for a break. He’s asleep then, after nursing, and then I’m hustling, finish the groceries, eating lunch, doing dishes, putting everything away.

I can never believe it’s 2:30 already and two of the girls are home for snacks and homework and music and eye therapy and then freedom: play until dinner! They always want screen time and sometimes they get it. They often play hide and seek and jump on the trampoline, and play dress up and spies and ride their bikes. We have a ton of kids in our neighborhood so usually they end up playing together for a bit. Today it’s iPad games, trains, jumping in a pile of leaves, doing somersaults and bouncing on the trampoline. My high schooler gets home a little later and she heads to her babysitting job.

We eat pizza and salad and take the kids to their friends’ to play and Ben and I get some much needed time together, talking and walking around the neighborhoods. Since it’s the weekend, the kids get to stay up a little later, but soon we pick them up and it’s jammies and stories and kisses and more nursing for the baby and then they’re asleep. The children are breathing and the house is quiet and dark and my husband and I pad about chatting quietly and finishing up things and getting ready for bed. It’s been a full day.

That’s a day in the life. I’m sorry if it was extremely boring, but I do love it and am thankful for it! The days can be long with kids and household activities but it is also so rewarding and I feel incredibly blessed.