When I vacuum, I feel lucky.

Vacuuming is a major event in my home. Because…

1. Like a holiday, it comes but once a year.
2. It interrupts regular programming.
3. We rediscover the bliss of a clean, spacious family room!

Ok, I vacuum more often than that, but I definitely have more exciting things to do. That is not meant as a statement to “stick it” to other women who like to be tidy. I think you’re great. I’d like to be you, sometimes. Other times, I’m just glad I’m me.

My mom was a stress cleaner. It is a very effective and productive nervous behavior that I occasionally employ. When I’m stressed, I like to turn up some music that reminds me of her (Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “I Feel Lucky” is one of my favs) and clean and organize my heart out, eventually leading to a release of the tears that were aching to fall out.

But since I work hard to avoid anxiety, maybe that’s why I also avoid habitual cleaning. I’ve tried to remediate myself. I had a good conversation with a friend who has way better habits than I do. She actually came over to my house before baby number two was born and helped me do a deep cleaning project that I had been avoiding (bless her HUGE heart!).

She recommended that I try to vacuum at least once a week; you know, since I have kids and a cat. That would really help with any allergy problems, and ensure that Baby doesn’t eat random stuff off the floor. The guilt barely touched my determination and resolve to avoid vacuuming.

That doesn’t keep me from facing the truth that when I vacuum, I feel happy. I’m accomplishing something. Random things are picked up off the floor. It’s sort of fun, even…almost like exercising.

And then there are my children. They are different when I finally declare that I’ll be whipping out the vacuum. They happily assist as I clear everything up off the floor, and then they sit silently on the couch, piled high with blankets and pillows and other things that didn’t find a home during the afore mentioned pick-up session.

Then, they feel the thrill of saving themselves from the squealing Air-Sucking Monster as I swirl it around the room.

After I vacuum, we lay on the floor together. The girls practice cartwheels. We read, do
puzzles, and build a fort. Vacuuming is a gateway to more fun activities.

Reflection question: Why do I blog about chores I don’t like to do? Because I want you to know my life is just a life with its own quirks and imperfections. As a blogger, I would hate for my life to look too sanitized (haha! Literally and figuratively, I guess). I often find myself thinking that way about other bloggers when I see their pretty photos and words. My life is none of that. It’s just a life. It’s therapy to write about… and like the wood floors that I hate to mop, I’ll probably start vacuuming more often now that I’ve confessed. Thanks for reading. It truly makes me feel lucky.

Now, back to our regular programming…