Women’s self-defense course offered in Wenatchee


I just got back from the first of a four-session women’s self-defense course being offered by KI Fighting Concepts, down off the corner of Columbia and Kittitas. I came back so pumped I had to drink tea and do yoga to calm down!

I have a strong momma-bear mentality. We all have a bit of that programmed into our hearts, as women. Often, (and unfortunately) it is an aspect of our nature we tuck deep down inside, for whatever reason. We don’t know how strong we can be.

Miss Addy, the instructor, really drew that out of us. Her experience and passion just flows! There were so many women of all ages and levels of training, including several moms with their young daughters. Many of us came wondering if we really had it in us to defend or hit, but we all quickly learned that we’ve got the stuff! I felt like Tris in “Divergent” coming out of my shell. The relief that came in knowing that I could do what I’ve only imagined, if necessary, felt so good!

She shows us how to be smart, too; how to maximize impact potential (hit hard enough) and minimize personal damage.

Most importantly, she is helping us understand practices that will help us develop our awareness and avoid certain situations in the first place. Just after one session, I am getting integrated with that stronger woman and mom living inside me.

Wish you could have joined up with this class? Don’t worry. There will be another one in March. But I recommend expressing your interest now so you don’t miss out; get on Facebook and “like” KI Fighting Concepts, or even click “Interested” on this month’s event post, so you can get connected. There is only room for 20 women each time.