Snow pants… check.

Hat and gloves… check.

Snow coat… check.

Summer camp survey… what???

That’s right. I said summer camp. I always find it a bit ironic that as the Valley is enjoying its first real snowfall of the year, and temperatures go from a wee-bit nippy to down right bone chilling cold, I, and my co-workers at the Wenatchee River Institute, are busy preparing programs for spring and summer. Dare I say river snorkeling anyone?

I know it seems incredibly far off as you happily bake cookies and curl up next to the fire, but I assure you that time flies. Before you know it school will be ending, the heat of summer will be upon us and the kiddos will all be threatening a mutiny of boredom! What’s a mom to do? Well, for starters, check out the Wenatchee River Institute survey for youth summer camps so that we can do our best to understand how to serve local communities and take summer fun to a whole new level!

It’s like a summer pre-funk, and you get to help with the party planning! Now put down that snow shovel, grab a cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows) and indulge in a little summer dreaming while taking our survey. And thanks for the help!

img_1501The Wenatchee River Institute is an environmental education nonprofit in Leavenworth that strives to connect people, communities and the natural world.