Pinterest is like a frothy catalog of all of our “more.”

More time to look our best. More motivation to get fit, or to style our hair in heart-shaped buns, or to mask our bathroom in grey and pink Chevron, or to artfully drizzle chocolate sauce over a pumpkin confetti cake that we made in a mason jar during a full moon.

Despite the lack of more time and effort and motivation that I feel sometimes, I love Pinterest. I absolutely love it (however hard the guilt hangover is afterward). I view Pinterest as a way of connecting daydreams with possibility. Pinterest gets me thinking and imagining and plotting.

ingredients-1149464Unfortunately, more often rears its ugly head before we can start crafting, especially with other people or with kids. Crafting takes a lot of “more.” More planning and effort (and, yes, sometimes more tears), and perhaps more talent than we feel we possess. And then more often than you’d like, there’s the exhausting reality of having gotten yourself into more than you imagined. Ask anyone who’s made a pie crust for the first time.

Despite those reasons, I want to encourage more craft time among individuals and families for the deeper benefits: The quiet bonding with other people, the saved money, the creative focus that erases time, the near-therapeutic sense of accomplishment. My goal is to take the haziness out of starting a new family craft, so that you and yours can focus on the joy that it is.

I will find Pinterest projects – maybe some that you’ve seen a hundred times over but have never tried – and I will test them for you. Hopefully, it will cut down on the overwhelming question that most people have: Where to start?

I’ll let you know how easy or hard it was to get the materials together. I’ll let you know what ages the craft is appropriate for (and what ages should just lick the batter from the metaphorical spoon). I’ll let you know if it’s simple or if you’re in for a lot more complexity than you bargained for. I’ll let you know how LONG it takes. I’ll let you know that even if the project was a hassle, which components were fun anyway.

While I’ll be choosing crafts ahead of time, if you have a simple craft you’d like to recommend — from Pinterest or elsewhere on the web — let me know, and it could end up as a featured project. Post the link to our Facebook page or reach out to me directly at

Without further ado, here’s my first post, a festive one just in time for Christmas. Happy crafting!