Holiday Traditions: Christmas Cookies


Every December, my mother made Christmas cookies. Gingerbread boys and girls, sugar cookies cut out like snowmen and holly, and shortbread squares popped in and out of the oven, and we were delighted to help her decorate them with icing and candies.

I am passing along this delicious tradition to my own children and we’ve started off with gingerbread…with just white icing. There were some complaints (Where’s the red? The green? The candies?) but these cookies are just so pretty we had to make them. And probably sugar cookies with glittery sprinkles and festive colors will be next.

This recipe is so good. (And their Instagram account is fabulous!) I was unsure about the freshly ground pepper that the recipe calls for, but it’s actually really good. These cookies are not particularly sweet on their own, but with the icing they’re perfect. And they are so, so good still warm from the oven!