Meet Brad Hawkins. Candidate for State Senator, current State Representative, and my husband.

Many of you have read about the attributes that qualify Brad for the job of State Senator. He has served for four years as our district’s State Representative, over 10 years as an elected school board member, graduated with his Master’s degree from George Washington University in Washington DC, and more. But what I want to show you today is a glimpse of the Brad that is behind those qualifications. I want to share with you about the Brad that I see at home and outside the professional arena.

blogphoto3Brad is an incredible father and husband. I have never heard him say no when one of our boys asks him to go play ball in the yard or to challenge them to a game of chess. He’s a dad who makes funny face pancakes for the boys on the weekends and watches football with them with cheers that echo throughout the house. He’s a dad who makes sure that they learn right from wrong and who comes home happy from work at night because he loves to see his family.

As a husband, Brad always makes sure that I am appreciated for the work that I do for our family. He is always true to his word and his values and is someone I can always count on. Brad is the type of man who stopped traffic in downtown Olympia to help a mother duck and her ducklings safely cross the street. What a fun memory that was! Our 14 years of marriage have been full of fun moments and he has never stopped making me laugh.

I know that many times when you are looking at candidates for office, you see the job qualifications for the position, but you rarely see the person behind those qualifications. I hope that through this glimpse, you have gotten to see the wonderful family man and person of high integrity that my husband, Brad Hawkins, is. He is a great man who will serve our district with honor and represent us well for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration!

Shawna Hawkins