I painted my daughter’s old playhouse this summer. The inside now looks like castle walls, the ceiling is the sky. It’s beautiful.

When we got the playhouse, a table and chairs were included, but they showed their age and tons of wear, so I decided to flip it into my daughter’s new playhouse style.


Hannah picked the oil cloth pattern to cover the table and chairs, as well as the color for the bones of them.

First, I unscrewed the cushions from the frames and removed staples holding down the old cloth. Underneath, the boards and cushions were still in good shape, so it was just a matter of re-covering. Hannah loves animal prints, so this pattern caught her eye.


I cut out pieces slightly larger than the surface of the cushions. I made sure to pull it tight before stapling, and smooth over any wrinkles. It was seriously as easy as that to re-cover the folding chairs!

Next, we sprayed the black paint on the bones, allowed it to dry for one day and then screwed the cushions back on. Hello cute updated girlie table and chairs!


Hannah likes it sooo much that she decided she didn’t want it in her playhouse, so we made room in her bedroom. This was a fun weekend project that Hannah and I got to do together and only cost $30. We found two yards of the oilcloth (we have about a yard left over) for $20 and two cans of black spray paint.

A cheap, fun and easy way to update any standard folding chair and table.