The lucky ones


We are truly lucky.

Let’s not forget that. In the midst of our own personal situation and our daily challenges, please mamas, let’s not forget how lucky we are.

We get to live here! Here, in this gorgeous valley, surrounded by good people, and lovely spaces.

For those mamas struggling with something — housing, a good job, relationships, your children, your beliefs, illness — whatever you have going on, take a moment today and breathe deeply, and remember, we really are so lucky. It’s easy to focus on the negative, but we have opportunities all around us. Even if you have a problem that’s bigger than you are, there is help, and the people in this valley are so generous. Reach out — people really want to help. Of all the places to be struggling, this is a good one. There is help and safety and generosity here.

apples-1004886I drive every week to Yakima and pass acres and acres of fresh food growing — it’s so beautiful to see rich crops, food for our children, growing under the bright sunny skies.

The Columbia River winds its way through our land, watering our fruit trees and crops and through our dams creating electricity to light our lamps so we can read stories to our littles.

We live in peace — we walk to the park, we shop, we visit markets and farms, we drive to work and we rarely ever think about being robbed, or raped, or attacked. Yes, it happens — and if it’s happened to you, I am so, so sorry, I can’t imagine what that must be like. But most of the time, we are safe. We live in a very safe community, and a safe country.

Let’s not forget. Whatever your politics, your ideologies, your beliefs, let’s not forget how blessed we are; let’s not be stingy, let’s not be mean and divisive; but instead let’s give and show compassion, and think with a loving mother’s perspective toward all the people. Let’s use all our instincts as a mother to be a protector, and a giver, and to care for all the mamas and babies everywhere. We have been so blessed! Let’s take time to remember the good and share that feeling of gratitude.

We are so lucky.

(Top photo: Sunrise last week from Badger Mountain by Nate Weakley. Second photo: