DIY: An upcyled planter box


I see a lot of old dressers with missing drawers, or lonely single drawers at flea markets and in junk piles. So, what to craft out of one? There are a lot of fun uses. One cute idea: place a small drawer filled with candles on a table top as a unique centerpiece. Here’s another idea.

A couple years ago a dear friend sent me a picture of a planter she found and asked me to make something similar for her. It slipped my mind until I saw four chair legs and an old drawer one day. So I got to work.

I sanded down and cleaned up the drawer and screwed the four legs onto the bottom of the drawer.


I asked my friend Kitty what her favorite colors were: gold and purple. So I bought the spray paint in those colors, plus some gold glitter spray paint for added sparkle, and a clear coat to seal it all in. I taped off the legs. (I’m not a great spray painter!) Once I sprayed the drawer inside and out and allowed it to dry for a couple hours, I sprayed it with gold glitter spray paint. It’s a clear-based paint with glitter, so what’s not to love!?!


I allowed the drawer to dry for 24 hours, then taped it off so I could paint the legs, which I sprayed with gold, then gold glitter to make them sparkle, too. After another day of drying, I coated the entire piece with a clear coat. I like to do this not only to protect the piece, especially if it’s going to be outside, but it also makes the color pop and shine.

When I finished I gave it to Kitty, who forgot she had even put an order in, so she was pleasantly surprised. These planters make great outdoor containers for annuals, or you could even use one inside…and for what?! How about next to your hubby’s recliner to hold his magazines, remotes, snacks and whatever else he might need…..just maybe not purple and gold. You could put one in a bathroom to hold toiletries, or in a kid’s room to hold Legos or books stacked next to their reading corner. Maybe you could put rollers on the bottom to create a movable organizer. With so many different sizes and styles of drawers and legs, the possibilities are endless.