Stutzman Ranch: An early autumn tradition


We are so blessed to raise our families in the Wenatchee Valley, aren’t we? The small-town vibes. The adorable downtown streets up and down valley. The mountains and rivers and lakes. And of course, all that fresh fruit — miles and miles of orchards surrounding our neighborhoods and creeping up into the foothills.

It seems fitting to get our Wenatchee Valley kids out into the orchards this time of year. One great option: Stutzman Ranch on Easy Street, where, for just another few weeks, your little ones can pick apples right off the tree.


It’s easy. Just take a bucket from the front table at the ranch, walk into the orchard and start picking.


Lots of apples are low enough to the ground for even the smallest kiddos to reach.

apple2There are tons of Goldens still on the trees right now. Not sure what to do with all those apples? I recommend this apple crisp recipe.

apple3Testing the product is alright.



There are chickens! And goats and flowers and an old double-decker bus parked in the grass and about a million other things that will fascinate your children.


Happy picking! (And heads up: We’re putting together a big post full of fall family activities that will run on the blog next week, so stay tuned…)