New school year, new style


Happy first week of school, moms and dads! It’s always a mixed bag of emotions — from crying to happy dances. My daughter is starting middle school today and we’re both terrified. I know she’ll do great, though. We met her principal during a recent back to school night and she asked my daughter if she was nervous. When my daughter said that she was, the principal told her she was completely normal! We’ve been reminding her of that leading up to the big day.

There have been so many changes in my tween this summer! She went from hoarding things in her room to becoming a clean freak. Her room is clean anyway — I’ve been finding stashes of her crap in all of my closets, guest room and in the garage. She’s gone from not caring about her clothes to wanting “sporty” attire. She’s tossed out anything with too much pink, rainbows, sparkles, stripes, characters and words — unless it’s a sporty word or a Stage Kids logo, of course. No frills. No ruffles. No kitties. I asked my mom if she “mom cursed” me, because I remember going through the same phase. I’m definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal.

Just when I thought I figured out where she’s headed with her fashion this school year, my daughter asked for a locker chandelier. Apparently they’re a thing. I pretended to be outraged about the hypocrisy of it all, but I’m really just jealous they didn’t have these when I was in school.

She’s growing up so fast. She’s got her cell phone, she’s self-carrying her inhaler this year, she has a PE uniform. Time really does fly.

What changes have you seen in your kiddos this summer? Are you ready for this school year?