Cold foamy wonders

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t relish the flavor and bubbly goodness of an old fashioned root beer float?! But have some of you moms, like me, started to become increasingly concerned about the amount of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) threatening to enter into your child’s system through stuff like cookies, beverages, etc. on a daily basis? My husband and I can totally tell the difference when our children are suffering under the influence of HFCS: less self-control, more tummy upset, headaches, moodiness…It’s pretty amazing what it can do to a young system! We pretty much don’t do soda in our house, for that reason. Well, have no fear!

I have a perfect end-of-summer solution. It’s local, and ON TAP!

OK, I admit…this is a shameless plug, really…


My dad is one of the brewer/owners at Badger Mountain Brewery. (All ages welcome!) They just carbonated a new batch of Badger’s own special made-from-scratch, old fashioned, all natural herbs and cane sugar sweetened ROOT BEER, and it is totally amazing! Growing up, did you ever have the honor of tasting a bottle of that old fashioned “sarsaparilla” from your grandpa’s era? Well, it’s been authentically revived by the master brewer/owner, Mr. Dave Quick. A glass of his recipe could definitely make you reminisce. Black and white photos, cowboy hats, wagon wheels, and all.

Come get it while it lasts! (Depending on your response time to this post, you may even want to call ahead to make sure they haven’t run out.) But don’t worry. They’ll make more.

While your kiddos are slurping down on their root beer float, it’s always nice to ask for a free taste of one of their other brews…or two…ya know, to try to figure out what you’ll order when you finally get out for that probably-never-gonna-happen night out with the hubby. That’s a horrible thing for me to say! Bad Stephanie! I hope MY hubby reads this and takes me out soon, and I hope that it happens for you too! I hope you get to order something just perfectly suited to your tastebuds; there’s a beer for everyone, right? (I mean it. I don’t even like IPAs, but theirs is to die for!) Better yet, I hope some much deserved time without the kids at this hometown brewery helps you feel like an adult again, with no little children stuck to you like velcro*…if only for a split second. And moms! If you or your husband is gluten sensitive like mine, please don’t disregard this post! Besides the root beer, there are still always a few wines or ciders to choose from.

Speaking of date night, if you’re an extroverted couple, or you generally just like people watching, Wednesday Trivia Night is a good time to head down to Badger. It’s very lively! Adventurous peeps could invite some other couples and build a team. Winners take home the pot.

If you or a friend visiting town likes beer and brewing, ask for a tour. My dad loves to talk it up. And it’s just a quick walk across the tracks from Pybus Market.

Anyways, back to kids and mom-blog stuff. During my not-going-on-a-date-with-my-husband, velcro-mommy* afternoons, my girls and I love to go down to the brewery to see Grandpa. The girls pick a few toys from the bin by the door, or they bring along a game like “Spot it!” from home. We hop up on the tall bar stools or grab a quiet table in the corner, and share a float. If my husband comes along, we will stay longer and make it an early “Linner.” We order some sweet potato fries, a salad, or a pizza (we bring in a gluten free crust from Fred Meyer). The Badger Sauce is perfect. I usually love the music (strangely reminiscent of my high school experience somehow), and you can bet you’ll see a bit of the Olympics on the screen in the corner. Oh, and moms: one of the best parts is the bathroom! It’s lovely! Friendly lighting. A changing table. A comfy chair to set down all your stuff…It’s good times.

This is kinda corny, but here goes…

Badger Mountain Brewery Root Beer: $3.
Add sweet potato fries to that: only a few bucks more.
Hearing my kiddos try to pronounce the word “brewery”: Priceless!

*P.S. The velcro-mommy comment is an inside joke with my husband. He thinks that someone should invent a suit with velcro, so that we can just slap all our kids onto us and go. He thinks a suit like that would sell like bananas on late night infomercial t.v. Maybe my baby-wearing practices have started getting to his head!